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Hi Food Bloggers! I accept link exchange. ^____^

 1. Please leave a comment below.
 2. Indicate the URL that you have already added me to your link exchange tab or page.
 3. Indicate your blog or website. Thanks. ^____^

 Blogs I Follow - A Swedish-Pinay's Food and Travel Weblog
The Purple Doll - A Personal Turned Food Blog
Hefty Foodie - Random Food Trips with Close Friends
Gastronomy by Joy - Gastronomy by Joy
Say Food - A Food Blog - tidbits about food and drink My Main Dish


  1. Hello Rox,
    I hope you're doing well. I'm Kim from I put a link to your blog on my blog. It's located on the main page, on the right side bar. Take care

    1. Hi Kim! Sorry for the late reply. I'll be adding it here. ^_^ Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Hi Rox,
    This is Kim. I have a question about putting a flash banner on my blog. I notice you have a couple on your blog. My question is, when I add the banner to my blog and I click on it, I get an error message. What can I do to prevent this? I've copied and paste before successfuly. If you or anyone else can give any suggestions, that would be great. You can leave your suggetions in the comment box on my blog. Thank you. My blog's address is, hope to hear from you soon.

  3. I added your link. please add you ..

  4. Hi There,

    Wish You Happy New Year!
    I’d love to be featured here under the “Food” section.
    My site focused on Easy Homemade Recipes and Cooking Tips & hacks..



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