Thursday, September 13, 2012

Eating Crunch Chocolate to Keep Me Sane

Bought this at: Gaisano Fiesta Mall, Tabunok

My boyfriend gave me a treat for we had a misunderstanding.  I forgot when it happened but this was his peace offering to me. Well, yeah, these chocolates help me to keep me sane while working in front of the computer. Sometimes it's really boring because I have no one to talk to so I will just busy myself eating chocolates.

Are you a chocolate addict?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Eating Leylam Shawarma Rice with Adam for Snack

Name of Food Stall: Leylam Shawarma
Location: Gaisano Grand Mall, Minglanilla

I am fond of eating fried rice or garlic rice or anything delicious that is mixed with rice. This is one of my favorite heavy snacks when I am really hungry.  Sometimes, I don't want to eat for dinner because I am very full.

Leylam Shawarma Rice regular and spicy

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Zubuchon with Mama

Name of the restaurant: Zubu Chon
Location: Mango Avenue, Cebu

Woah! This is such a very late post and this food trip of ours happened last June 8, 2012 during our massage at Subtle Zen Spa Center. I also had my lunch at KFC before my mom and I met. It was my treat for mama then we tried Zubu Chon. Actually, I've been telling her about this lechon restaurant and it was perfect timing that they have their branch at Mango Avenue.

the facade
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