Friday, August 10, 2012

D' Original Razon's - Snack Time with Jacqui and Arcel

Name of the Restaurant: D' Original Razon's
Location: Gen. Maxilom Avenue, Cebu

This already happened last May 2012 with my college girl friends (Arcel and Jacqui).  Arcel brought us here and she's been here a lot of times.  I was really hungry so I was really excited to try eating here.

It was 3PM, snack time but I ordered a breakfast meal.

ham, egg and garlic rice, iced tea

vanilla ice cream

Jacqui and the halo-halo
Their halo-halo is very popular.  I've heard that the milk they mixed with the halo-halo is cow's milk.

jacqui with her bread

Me (Rox) and Arcel sipping our halo-halo
Have you been to D' Original Razon's? What's your favorite meal would you like to recommend?

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