Friday, April 6, 2012

Pino! Inasal and Filipino Cuisine - a Dinner with Adam

Name of the Restaurant: Pino! Inasal and Filipino Cuisine
Location: Gaisano Fiesta Mall - Tabunok, Talisay City, Cebu

Yesterday, Adam and I decided to meet since he has no work until Easter Sunday.  We were at his house just playing Tekken 6 either from the PSP or Play Station 2.  I was really hungry and we decided to eat out.

When we arrived at Gaisano Fiesta Mall, we were wondering which restaurant to eat.  We tried Pino! Inasal and Filipino Cuisine and it was our first time there.  When we entered the premises, only few people were there.  It is not really mass appealing but more on fine dining. We decided to take some pictures before our orders arrived.

I love the atmosphere of the restaurant

They also have nice interiors

Their lights made of shell exterior

Iced tea and two nice drinking glasses

Sisig, I've been craving for this yesterday.  Worth PhP130.00

Chicken Inasal with unlimited rice worth PhP88.00

Cheers for love, success and busog.  A nice way to start this food blog, eh?
Since Adam got unlimited rice, I ordered two cups of rice for my Sisig.  Well, I noticed that waiters were keep on staring at us (or may be at me?).  I really don't know why.  Was it because of my two cups of rice? My boyfriend and I are not BIG but we love to eat a lot but we really didn't care at all because we paid for it and we were enjoying last night.

On the other table, we saw three ladies also ordered Chicken Inasal with unlimited rice but none of them asked from the waiter for another cup of rice.  Of course, those ladies were all sexy wearing short-shorts.  I think they were just conscious with their body.

Anyway, our eating experience was really great and we would love to try other dishes there.

So, what's your food experience at Pino! Inasal and Filipino Cuisine?

Pictures taken from Samsung Galaxy Y


  1. Hello hello. Saan yung Gaisano Fiesta Mall? Sa Davao ba yun? I so miss Davao ang Inasal chicken! Nagutom tuloy ako. Tsaka, mura yung food nila. wow!

  2. @maxi velasco: sa Talisay City, Cebu po ito. Hehehe! Oo mura talaga yong food nila pero sosyal talaga yong restaurant pag pasok mo lang.

  3. Now you got me craving for some sisig and chicken inasal! :D I'm a big fan of both eh :) Hope I get to try Pino! Inasal and Filipino Cuisine when I visit Talisay.. ^^


    1. masarap na combination itong sisig and chicken inasal. importante na masarap pagkaluto ang sisig kasi magaganahan ako nang kain eh. :)

  4. The sisig looks nice! Hopefully our Cebu trip push through! I'm really excited of the potential food trips. Will add this place to my list of go-to's thanks!

    1. Ipopost ko pa ang iba kong Sisig experience sa iba't ibang restaurants hehehe.


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