Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lunch at KFC

Name of Restaurant: KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken
Location: Jones Avenue in front of the new SSS Building

Every time I go to SSS (Social Security System) to pay my monthly contributions, I always find myself here at KFC during lunch.

My lunch last Friday were Chicken shots and Krushers.  I only paid P90 for this without the drink.  Chicken shots cost P50 with a regular drink (Sprite/Coke) but I upgraded it with Krushers and just add P40. I believe that an individual classic Krushers cost P50.

Chicken shots

Cookies and Cream Krushers

My lunch last January.  I was really hungry then that I really added spaghetti. Whew!
Chicken fillet, Spaghetti and Sprite
So what are your favorite meals at KFC?

Pictures taken from Samsung Galaxy Y


  1. I feel like eating again... :D

    1. I haven't eaten my lunch yet today. hahaha! I am now hungry while blogging LOL


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