Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Treat at AA BBQ with Mama and Sis

Name of the restaurant: AA BBQ
Location: Minglanilla, Cebu

Last Tuesday, I woke up very hungry and asked mom what to eat for lunch.  She answered that she needed to buy some viand.  I told her that I we should eat out for an advance Mother's Day treat at AA BBQ with my sister since it was her day off.

Mama and Me

The sawsawan or soy sauce filled with green tomatoes
At first, we just ordered grilled pork belly and pochero then I saw the receipt that it costed to P400.  I really don't know the individual pricing.  I think we ordered 5-8 rice.  I don't know the price of each cup of rice.

Grilled pork belly

4 seasons juice
Then we also added 4 seasons juice for our drink.

Nice capture of the juice, ayt?
With the nice photo above, I should include this to my photography blog Fotografi Rox.  It's been a while I haven't updated it.

The bowl of this pochero is really quite big.

This colorful halo-halo, I remember it cost P65.  We just ordered one for this.

We had a great lunch here.  All in all, I spent an estimate of PhP 700.00.  Actually, it was not our first time eating here and I have eaten to several branches of AA BBQ.  It is nice to eat here with your family, friends, or team mates.  Also they have sea foods here.  My mom would like to order calamares but I was afraid that I'll be tempted to eat it because of my allergy.  So sad, I am avoiding sea foods.

So, what's your food experience at AA BBQ?

Pictures taken from Olympus camera

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