Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Snack Time at Mang Inasal with Mama

Name of the Restaurant: Mang Inasal
Location: Gaisano Grand - Minglanilla, Cebu

Before the day my boyfriend and I met, mom and I decided to roam around Gaisano Grand in Minglanilla just to chill.  Well, it was really hot then we were so hungry and saw this Puto and Dinuguan ad.  It was snack time.

Mang Inasal at Gaisano Grand in Minglanilla

Arroz Caldo cost PhP 39.00 for me
Arroz Caldo - well, I love this one and my stomach appreciates it.  I was really hungry that I was even afraid of my hyper-acidity would attack again.

Puto and Dinuguan cost PhP 49.00 for mom
Puto and Dinuguan - Dinuguan was sour but not too much and we liked it because it complements the sweetness of Puto.

So what is your favorite snack meals at Mang Inasal?

Pictures taken from Samsung Galaxy Y

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